Architectural Design With Cane

The workshop focuses on experiencing the different phases of the design and construction of an architectural element. Students discover all the processes related to preparing the cane, leading to a material they can work with. They also learn different types of techniques for working with cane, its use in the past, and how it can be introduced into contemporary architecture.

Taught in english


Marta Arnal

Voltes is an Architecture Cooperative specialising in a range of fields of architecture and urban planning: green building and sustainability; rehabilitation; citizen participation; education; and temporary architecture. Its lines of work develop an architecture that is conscious about the social and built habitat; inclusive urban planning open to the processes of participation and collective transformation; ephemeral and innovative architecture with natural materials; as well as critical training around the environment that we inhabit to bring architecture closer to the educational field. Its members work on the dissemination and development of construction with cane. From the desire to recover vernacular architecture and the craft of the cane maker to innovation with new designs and structures for different spaces



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