An experimental laboratory in which thread is the connecting element, this workshop aims for students, with the use of some basic tools, to develop their creative skills through traditional techniques and the use of non-conventional objects and surfaces as a canvas. It demonstrates the power of improvisation and dynamic thinking to build new elements, manipulating processes such as embroidery and crochet on fruit, flowers, paper and more. An ode to improvisation and storytelling through experimental assembly.

Taught in English


Mariadela Araujo

Textile Artist, Designer and Florist. Her studio practice is still emerging but with a strong projection and a defined, recognisable design style: bold and colourful with a very intuitive management of textures. Her work experiments with and masters traditional techniques such as tapestry weaving, embroidery, knitting and sewing, applied to unconventional products and works such as paintings, installations and design objects.



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