Neon Light Sculpture

This workshop is focused on creating and manufacturing a flexible LED light design. Students design a 2D model of a LED sign, weld it, and finish it in flexible coloured neon LED material.

Taught in English


Oriol Carrasco

Oriol has extensive teaching experience, sharing his computation and fabrication expertise with new generations of students. He studied Architecture at the UIC School of Architecture (honours) and received his master’s degree from Elisava. He holds a PhD in Architecture and Engineering. He is the Coordinator of the Computational Department at IED Barcelona, where he also is a Teacher of Digital Tools and Environments. He has been combining teaching and working in the engineering and architectural fields since 2005, collaborating with different studios and companies in computational design, prototyping of real scale mock-ups, fabrication methods and construction of complex architectural elements. He founded AtStudio in 2015, an architecture firm that provides consulting services that intersect architecture, design and technology.



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