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The aim of the artisan is to master the profession with such skill that the resulting creation is perfect. That goal is contrary to the artisan’s idiosyncrasy: the resulting objects are inevitably distinct and unique. The objects produced by a machine contain differences, too: matter is unstable, conditions are changeable, reality is contingent. Rastro is a digital potter’s wheel that uses a mechanical finger in order to reproduce the artisan’s movements and modify clay cylinders. The workshop proposes to experiment with the Rastro machine, exploring new ceramic solutions and integrating other kinds of materials into basic pottery.

Taught in English


Banzai Turba

Banzai Turba is a product design studio based in Barcelona. They create objects and furniture for other companies, and sometimes, for themselves. Their approach is based on curiosity and humility. They get inspiration from a vast range of interests and hobbies, and they like to apply new and old technologies to create products with complex undertones.

Gennís Senén 

Founder of Gravina, an object design studio based in Barcelona that designs honest, accessible and useful objects. Gravina designs objects to build bonds with; objects that one would want to keep forever.

Julen Ussia

When Julen began to work with ceramic processes, the know-how and thinking of the crafts had a remarkable impact upon him. In such a way, he felt the different antique knowledge and ideas could come to discover new meanings in the fields of Product Design and Spaces.



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